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Bertram (Chip) Bruce is a Professor Emeritus in Library & Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also had appointments in Curriculum & Instruction, Bioengineering, the Center for Writing Studies, and the Center for East Asian & Pacific Studies. During 2007-08, he held a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the National College of Ireland in Dublin.

Professor Bruce's research goals include contributing to a conception of democratic education, meaning both the development of critical, socially-engaged citizens and of learning environments (formal and informal learning centers, home and work, and online), which are themselves democratic. Aspects of this work include research on community inquiry through collaborative community-based work, inquiry-based learning, drawing especially upon scholarship of the American pragmatists and the history of Progressive Education, and technology-enhanced learning, including research on the affordances and constraints of new media for learning.

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